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ABout us

JessCo Enterprises was founded in 1991 by Todd Carrier. Technology and cost-saving strategies have always been our focus and the core of the company. Our main philosophy has been to partner with the best cutting-edge vendors, suppliers, and clients so that together we are successful in our unified efforts. Prior to starting JessCo, my sales and marketing experience was diverse, somewhat entertaining, and very exciting. 

Since 2001, JessCo has been helping clients save on energy and utility bills. With the added benefits of solar power, Jessco has help countless families and businesses reduce their dependency on electric utilities.

JessCo Enterprises, LLC. has been a profitable company for over 30 years and we have been able to stay  in line with steady growth while controlling debt. JessCo has successfully helped our clients improve their status, compete at a higher level and gain market share in some of the most competitive industries during very difficult economic times.