Solar for


What is

Net Zero

Net Zero is defined as a monthly Ameren bill at $25 based on current standards. *

The energy produced by your solar panels will be stored by Ameren to be used at times that you are not producing energy such as on cloudy days or at night. Ameren utilizes a 12-month program that allows solar panel users to use energy stored in the summer, to power their building in the winter when less energy is being produced. Ameren does not charge a delivery fee to give back stored energy, and there will be no taxes or fees charged because you will be at 100% Solar Production offset.

*this rate is for commercial projects, residential projects can expect a different rate. Net zero rate does not reflect gas costs that will appear on Ameren bill.

How will my energy
production be


Solar energy production is monitored through Ameren’s Smart Metering Technology, the Illinois Power Agency, and the SREC Aggregator (Carbon Solutions Group). You will also be able to monitor your solar production on your phone through the Inverter App. Your energy production will be fully disclosed.

What will happen to my

Unused Energy

If there is any excess stored energy left at the end of the year, it will go back to Ameren. Our team will work with you and your solar needs to ensure that we do not oversize your system production to ensure the best use of your solar energy.


Non-Profit clients will get a 30% Federal Rebate paid by check in 12 months despite not paying income tax; this is due to the “Inflation Reduction Act”. They also get the SREC.


For-Profit clients will get a 30% Federal Tax Credit, SREC and Accelerated Depreciation.

SREC Payment Timelines

System Size Under 25kW

System Size Over 25kW

The check is paid in 18 months

The checks are paid quarterly over 5 years 

SREC Payment Timelines

System size under 25KW

The check is paid in 18 months

System size over 25KW

The checks are paid quarterly over 5 years 



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